Feldenkrais Method
& Alexander Technique


On Health by Moshe Feldenkrais

A few years before World War II, I was teaching judo to make a living while working at the Sorbonne with Joliot-Curie for my doctor's degree in Science. One of my pupils turned out to be a hunter of wild animals in Africa, and he invited me to his house where I was left alone for a few minutes. I was startled when a lion walked in and came over to lick me. It had been brought to Paris as a cub and had grown up into a real lion.

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The Pursuit of Poise by David Hall

It's past midnight. I'm lying on a large, soft rug in my lounge room. Everyone else is asleep .. It's absolutely silent ... I roll my head slowly to the right, sensing the space inside my skull, neck and torso. It's a familiar movement, but I'm sensing it in a new way..

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LA Hallarticles
The Walk on Walking

The Walk on Walking is a workshop on walking set within a journey through the MacDonnell ranges of Central Australia. The Larapinta trail that winds it’s way through these ranges has been classified as one of the world’s greatest walks.

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