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Through awareness we can learn to move with astonishing lightness and freedom - at almost any age - and thereby improve our living circumstances, not only physically .. but emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
— Moshe Feldenkrais


Moshe Feldenkrais was one of the first Neuroplasticians .. a remarkable man and a genius
— norman doidge



I came to David after almost a year of not being able to take a step without experiencing acute pain in my right knee. I had been to doctors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and any one else that I thought had any chance of helping. At one stage the doctor was talking of surgery – and I was not having that without trying every other option.

The only way that I could move around at all was to take anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers. None of them gave much relief. 

So I dragged myself up David’s stairs, with a sharp stabbing pain in my knee with every step, and not really expecting much success. I was utterly amazed after the hour’s session to be able to walk back down those stairs and almost trot back to my car, without any pain at all. 

That was over 2 years ago now. I have been back to David for other things, but the knee is still fine and pain free.  

Patricia Stevenson

David works with passion and expertise. I feel physically and emotionally elated after every session. For me the time with him is also extremely meditative. 

Jenny Brown – Make-up Artist

The Alexander Technique / Feldenkrais Method classes fixed my knee problem in only a few sessions. The things I have learned are with me at all times and I use the knowledge everyday. I would recommend the classes to anyone who is or isn't in pain. I am enjoying having a better understanding of how I move. I am so glad I did this. 

Lynne Halpin

Feldenkrais with David Hall is an amazing experience. David is a very caring professional healer. Through his expertise, relief from acute pain and tension is achieved to a remarkable degree.

Jennifer- Vigneron

David has the rare ability to convey the essential information and explain the subsequent relaxation techniques in a logical and enjoyable manner.

Roger Enright - Mining Engineer

I went to David stiff, sore, depressed and unable to walk two city blocks comfortably. My decision to purchase a 4WD rather than a sedan car was based on the need to have a big door opening as I could not bend readily. As a result of David's program, his good coaching and my efforts, I am now able to move normally, walking is no longer something to fear and I have embarked on a "late-life" career in a large organization. 

Alex Stevenson – Regional General Manager - IT

I recommend David's workshop wholeheartedly. We learnt a great deal that wonderful day: all kinds of ideas for improving posture, stopping and preventing pain, enjoying movement and just being. David is exceptional at diagnosing the causes of pain, stiffness and other postural discomfort and is fast and accurate at devising solutions. He is an exceptional Feldenkrais practitioner.

To people who have not done any Feldenkrais I would say: this almost certainly will help with your postural problem or joint pain, and it could be the whole answer. For those familiar with Feldenkrais I can recommend a whole-day workshop. It's like several weeks of classes or private lessons all in one. I made a huge amount of progress and left feeling inspired, more than ever convinced that Feldenkrais is something I want to pursue for the rest of my life.The workshop left me feeling jubilant and alive with a sense of (many) possibilities. 

David Walker - Business Development Manager

I wanted to thank you for the workshop. I was impressed as to how much difference you made to some participants in one day. It was inspiring to see the difference in the woman injured in the car accident who walked in limping, then walked out that afternoon quite normally, without any apparant limp and the lady who came to the workshop complaining of debilitating back pain and left full of hope, believing she would overcome her disability with the practice you prescribed.As for myself I feel I am walking taller, staighter, more relaxed and balanced. I am looking forward to working with your CD's. I have recommended your workshop to a number of friends. Good luck and keep up your important healing work. 

Nick Canosa - Barrister

I wanted to say thankyou for helping me with my neck problems approximately ten years ago. I am writing now as everyone should be aware of how much you can help them.

My daughter and I attended for the first time, one of your group classes. The room was very crowded with many different age groups which helped us both to feel comfortable. You explained the methods to the class and after some initial positions you suggested we all lie down on the floor. It was agony for me and I couldn't help but groan when I lay my head down flat on the floor. You noticed along with everyone else.

I knew that my body needed help but not until then did I realise how much. When everyone else was lying down doing the exercises you took me aside and proceeded to help me by placing your hand on the nape of my neck. I felt heat from your hands but didn't relaise how much it was helping me until you asked me to once again lie down on the floor.

This time most of the pain had left the area. I decided I would continue with you until my body was sorted. I did at least 4 complete sessions of ten with you, the last one being with my husband, who also benefitted greatly.

The relief was unbelievable and I would often mention to people what an important role, David Hall and his work have in promoting good health. I heartily recommend David Hall and his methods.

Alice Coleman - Avalon NSW