Feldenkrais Method
& Alexander Technique


Freeing the lower back in a way you'd never expect

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On Thursday we’ll be doing an Awareness Through Movement lesson that Feldenkrais developed whilst working in his Tel aviv studio between the 50’s and 70’s. It’s one of those simple lessons - essentially one idea explored in a variety of contexts - that has such a big impact.

It creates such a lovely sense of space within the back and so much ease in the legs.

Most of the lesson is done sitting up but you rest frequently .. and in each of those rests you sink a little further into the floor. So nice.

There were various moments where I felt restricted and then had an insight into the way I was breathing that enabled that restriction to open.

Restrictions in your body can just seem like a nuisance but once opened they are often like Aladdin’s cave. There is so much to be discovered by just observing your restrictions rather than trying to take them away. It’s a matter of sensing them within the context of the rest of your body and it’s involvement in the movement you’re doing. It’s a matter of allowing the restriction to be there and making yourself comfortable as you do the movement.

Pushing against restrictions often takes a lot of our attention. If we release that effort we have more space to discover that elusive obvious - The treasure that was always there.


The lesson takes place upstairs at Avalon Recreation Centre at 9.30am this Thursday morning.

Come along if you’d like to try it out.

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