Feldenkrais Method
& Alexander Technique

online lessons


online lessons


free introductory lesson

This lesson takes about 45 minutes and will give a good sense of what the Method can offer. Take it easy! Make small gentle movements so you can pay attention more closely. In the Feldenkrais Method, awareness of movement is more important than the movement itself.



The Heavenly Gait
& Other earthly pleasures

The Heavenly Gait and & Earthly Pleasures is a set of seven 45 –50 minute Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons, one 18-minute mini-lesson and a 30-minute lecture Is the Universe Friendly?

ATM lessons are not exercises in the traditional sense. They are pleasurable and deeply relaxing movement explorations that can have a profound influence on the way you think, move, feel and function. In each lesson you do only one ‘exercise’ and you do it with a minimum of force and a maximum of conscious awareness. You are guided through a sequence of movements that are all related to a functional theme such as walking or bending. It becomes easier as you learn to spread the effort to move throughout your body. The freedom you experience after a lesson can make everyday actions feel like bliss.

Awareness Through Movement lessons have many layers and can be done again and again with continuing benefit.



The Golden Suit

The seven lessons of The Golden Suit explore the use of touch as a means to enhance perception.

The Golden suit

The seven lessons of The Golden Suit explore the use of touch as a means to enhance perception. Touch is at the heart of your ability to explore, understand and interact with your world.

Consider the way you use your hands, feet and skin when exploring your environment, along with its objects and beings. The way you hold things ..   How you rub, squeeze, press or lift them to understand. How you use your hands to sense whether a peach is ripe or to assess the character of a person whose hand you may be shaking. It’s not just the things you touch directly. It’s how you feel the proximity of a person or the mood of wherever you are.

Using your hands and skin to explore your own body adds another perspective to the awareness of movement and the experience of inner life. It’s the capacity to hold, filter and connect sensory experience into a malleable whole.





This lesson (recorded live) is an extension of The Golden Suit series. It will give you a sense of the way the layers of tissue within you slide and interact. It leaves you with a lovely sense of integration. The secret is in doing less! In doing less you'll be able to extend your awareness to feel the influence of the movements through your whole body.




This lesson offers a way to free your head, neck and upper limbs through exploring their connection through to your feet via the head, neck and torso. It will be very useful for anyone who experiences neck, shoulder or arm tension.




This lesson is an extension of 'Hands on the wall'. It explores your ability to  align your body relative to your hands and feet and offers a lovely experience of feeling balanced when walking. It is useful for anyone wishing to improve their posture and will combine well with the previous lesson and ‘Tuning into Touch – Part 1’



Sitting on water

This lesson has been designed for surfers but will be useful for anyone who wishes to explore the way they sit. It was created for a podcast on this work by Mike Frampton of the ‘Surf Mastery’ podcast series.

You’ll find the podcast here - http://surfmastery.com/podcast/2018/10/16/035-david-hall