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Your Spine as wave and axis - Two connected lessons this week

Hello all, 

This week we will be doing two Awareness Through Movement lessons that are part of the Alexander Yanai series called 'Lowering the Head'. The first class will be on Tuesday evening at 6.30pm in my rooms on Avalon Parade. The second will be in the Recreation Centre on Thursday morning at 9.30am.

They are interesting lessons that will give a global perspective on the movement of your spine, head and limbs.

There is a great deal of strength in our spine and an integral part of that strength is it's ability to move as a unit.

The lessons use changes in orientation to give a different perspective on how your body is organised. It seeks to give you an experience of freeing your spine in the six cardinal directions and when walking after, an experience of smooth wave like motion. The spine as supple axis!

I hope you can make it.

with love


Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith



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