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2017 Classes begin next Tuesday and Thursday

Hello all,

Hope you had a great holiday and that the year is panning out well. 

We begin our classes next week - Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm in my rooms at Avalon Pde and Thursday mornings at 9.30am at Avalon Recreation Centre. 

Call me if you have any questions or requests on 0404 625 326. 

We had a lovely break at a rather crazy festival.

Luke Dingle

Then went walking in the land of the long white cloud. This is their equivalent of Pittwater. We stayed in Lochmara Bay at the bottom of this hill.

Ron James

Ron James

A week earlier I realised, as I walked for 7 hours out of Arthur’s Pass up to a height of 1,250 feet carrying 25 kilograms on my back, why it is useful to prepare for longer bushwalks. 

Unfortunately, not only did I not do extra training, my normal fitness regime was lost in the flurry of pre-Christmas chaos. My arrival at Edwards Hut looked a lot like the mad scene from King Lear. I was drunk with fatigue and prone to dramatic pronouncement. 

Luckily the next day I was feeling a little better. It’s a great place to have your head in the clouds. 

This is looking in the other direction the day after.

By the time of our return, whatever gains made with fitness were more than adequately erased by a relentless pursuit of pleasure at the table. I sloshed and rolled my way home like a pig in mud except that by the end there was more pig than mud. 

So it seems fitting that we should begin our terms classes with an exploration of how to lift oneself out of the life of indulgence and slip once again into the lap of living. 

It’s quite funny really, I was in dire need of a holiday. I had a variety of sensations in my body that were not normally there and an absence of vitality that was a little worrying. 

It’s funny how a constellation of sensations in the body can reinforce a difficult state of mind. Running on the beach seemed a long way away. The thing is that it was so easy and quick to change. It’s really about making the space and time.

I did two ATM’s in the stillness of my room that brought me right back home. I stood and then walked out into the street with such a deep sense of appreciation for the work. 

The vitality returned as if a genie had snapped their fingers. 

So let’s explore the centre in a way that enables us to reset and move with grace. Let’s explore those projects that are dear to our heart.

We have so little time. Now is the hour! 

I’m looking forward to seeing you once again.

with love


0404 625 326

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